The following information is provided for guidance. 

The recommendations and instructions of the adhesive manufacturer must, in all cases, be followed.

Only adhesives recommended by Polyflor and are approved as suitable, should be used.

Polyflor does not make any warranties regarding the approved adhesives, or assume that other manufacturers’ adhesives would not prove satisfactory.

Correct handling of adhesives is recommended at all times.

Polyflor provide this information only as guidance, and the legal responsibility for the supply and performance of the above adhesives shall remain the sole responsibility of the relevant manufacturer.

By providing this information, Polyflor Ltd do not imply any equivalence between each of the different manufacturer’s products, or that other products would prove unsatisfactory. When more than one adhesive is listed selection should be based upon suitability to the installation environment.

Application of the named adhesives must be actioned in strict accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s instructions, which may include the application of a primer in certain situations.

Site conditions must be suitable for both correct adhesive use and correct installation of the floor covering.


  Polyflor Canada Adhesive List