Chemical Resistance Charts

Polyflor and Polysafe vinyl floorcoverings show an above average resistance to mild and dilute acids, alkalis, soaps and detergents.

Petrol and strong acids are not harmful, provided any spillage is cleaned off immediately. Ketones, chlorinated solvents, acetone and similar solvents should not be allowed to come into contact with Polyflor vinyl flooring. However, if this should happen, the effect can be minimised by removing the spillage immediately and leaving any solvent residue to evaporate, prior to allowing any foot traffic. 

Polyflor vinyl floorcoverings are suitable for use in all areas where most chemicals are used and there is only risk of accidental spillage. However, some chemicals contain very strong dyes, which, even after a short period of contact, will stain the vinyl flooring. In areas where these types of chemicals are used, it is suggested that an appropriate dark colour be selected to minimise the staining effect. 

The Polyflor test for resistance to chemicals is evaluated over a 24 hour contact period at a room temperature of 21ºC, followed by rinsing with cold water.


  Polyflor product chemical resistance overview

  Polyflor Chemical Guide


Individual detailed product chemical resistance charts by product group

Smooth Homogenous Flooring

  Pearlazzo PUR

  Prestige PUR

  Classic Mystique PUR

  2000 PUR


  Standard XL

  Polyflex Plus Tile PU

Smooth Heterogeneous Flooring

  Expona Flow PUR

  Forest FX PUR

Safety Flooring (Polysafe)

  Polysafe Verona PUR

  Polysafe Modena PUR

  Polysafe Arena PUR

  Polysafe Mosaic PUR

  Polysafe Wood FX PUR

  Polysafe Wood FX Acoustix PUR

  Polysafe Hydro

  Polysafe Hydro Evolve

  Polysafe Apex

  Polysafe Vogue PUR

  Polysafe Standard PUR

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  Expona Commercial Wood, Stone & Effect PUR

  Expona Design Wood PUR

  Expona Design Stone & Effect PUR

  Expona Control Wood & Stone PUR

  Expona SimpLay Wood PUR

  Expona SimpLay Stone & Effect PUR

  Affinity 255 PUR

  Camaro Wood & Stone PUR

  Colonia Wood & Stone PUR


  Polyflor SD

  Polyflor EC

  Polyflor OHMega EC

  Polyflor Finesse SD

Wall Cladding

  Polyclad Plus PU

  Polyclad Pro PU


  Sports 67

Acoustic Flooring

  Harmony FX Acoustix PUR

  Forest FX Acoustix PUR