Use Area Classifications

When it comes to choosing a resilient flooring product how do you know which is the right product to choose for your particular requirement?

More importantly how can you make sure that you are comparing different manufacturers' products to one another correctly?

Selecting a floorcovering that will satisfy the actual or expected service requirements is essential if a product is to perform up to expectations. With so much product information now available, it is hardly surprising that selection can sometimes be difficult. Comparing different manufacturers products in a fair and equal 'apple to apple' way based on the technical specifications, which are backed by globally recognized legislation, is a must.

Polyflor Palettone, for example, isn't Polyflor's flagship homogenous product based on just its looks alone and it isn't simply the non-directional appearance that makes it more expensive than Standard XL. 

Polyflor vinyl floorcoverings are manufactured in a range of thicknesses, with differing levels of filler and constructions and are specifically designed to suit a variety of applications. In addition, some vinyl floorings have specialist features such as acoustical, static control or slip-resistant properties. These are the variables from just one manufacturer!

In order to help those involved in the selection of flooring make an informed choice, Polyflor products show the Use Area Classifications. 

The Use Area Classifications can only be claimed if the products meet the requirements of the performance criteria that has been laid down and only after an independent assessment of the product, both in laboratory conditions and on-site use. Product performance, longevity, suitability and product cost are all decision making factors that are helped answered by this code.

Proved by science and backed by legislation, methods to test the abrasion strength of resilient flooring products in order to determine the products correct use area by understanding and rating the products abrasion resistance (therefore its durability) have existed for decades and must be used when selecting products.

The most recent European legislation has recently been harmonized with the ISO (International Standards Organisation) producing ISO 10874 / EN685 which like all ISO standards are legally acceptable in North America. A general guide is available below:


  Use Area Guide