Ideal Flooring Solutions For Educational Facilities

21st century learning is about the provision of inspirational educational facilities that put both pupils and staff at the heart of the school. Pleasing surroundings can inspire children. Layout, along with facilities and resources all play a vital role in the creation of an environment conducive to learning. The choice of floorcovering will have a major impact on the overall ‘feel’ of an educational building and floors that are bright and colourful, classic or contemporary, can add character to a lively, modern building.

Floors throughout any school, college, or university have diverse needs that differ from area to area and depend on the age of the pupils, expected activity, and traffic levels. 

Polyflor provides flooring solutions that offer high quality and high performance, as well as low maintenance. Our groundbreaking development in the cleanability of safety flooring helps to generate significant life cycle cost savings.

Take a look at our education brochure to see some of the many possibilities for flooring options within educational facilities:


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American Oak 3385
Geyser 5580
Silver Oak 3357
Silver Oak 3357
Skylight 9709
Freshmint 5209 Seagrass 5211
Silver Birch 4020
Pale Slate 1200
Azul 3570
Ambra_3440 Azurite 3510 Celeste 3520
Blue Zircon 3760 Jade 3830 Opal 3920_ Ruby 3840 Amethyst 3780
Smoked Oak 3150 Oiled Oak 2990
Maple 7516
Azul 3570 Jade 3830 Porcelain 3880 Ruby 3840
Smokestone 1160 Nocturne 1380 Quartz 1400
Iris 4629
Luna 9844 Flaxen 9849 Burnt Orange 9848 Storm 9845 Plum 9847 Steel Blue 9852
Light Concrete 5087
Grigio 3410
Gypsum 4044 Garnet 4056
Flaxen 9849 Burnt Orange 9848
Flaxen 9849 Burnt Orange 9848 Meadow 9850 Plum 9847 Light Grey Concrete 9858
Arctic Blue 4130
Atlantic Mist 9711 Sailcloth 9719
Bedrock 4170
Light Elm 6182
Rose Quartz 3870 Citrine 3930 Ruby 3840
Winter Dusk 4730
Smokestone 1160
Dolomite 3910
Classic Oak 3107
Otter 5530