Industrial & Pharmaceutical

Industrial & Pharmaceutical

Ideal Flooring Solutions for Industrial & Pharmaceutical Environments

Polyflor floorcoverings are ideally suited for specialist applications, such as cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical and electronics sectors. In addition, the Polyflor ESD products are used where electrostatic discharge needs to be controlled.

Fit for purpose flooring solutions from Polyflor

Flooring within the pharmaceutical sector needs to be easy to clean with an impenetrable surface that offers no sanctuary to dirt or bacteria. A combination of flooring and wall & ceiling cladding can provide the required clean room classification.

The requirement to eliminate electrostatic discharge within flooring installed in the electronics manufacturing industry is essential. The Polyflor ESD collection is specially engineered to minimize or eliminate the risk of electro static discharge. The ESD collection features various different product ranges offering solutions in both sheet and tile formats.

ESD Flooring Solutions

The Polyflor ESD collection is designed to minimize or eliminate the risk of Electro Static Discharge (ESD) and has been specifically engineered to combat this problem at source, by facilitating a uniform flow of static electricity directly to a ground point. Problem solved.

The collection covers all major applications, combining the hard wearing, decorative qualities that Polyflor is renowned for with the benefits of static control properties.