Technical and Maintenance Overview

Technical & Maintenance Overview

At Polyflor, we realise that the performance of our products is dependent upon many factors and that the floorcovering itself is only one of those factors.

Correct subfloor preparation and dryness, the workmanship of the installer, how the product is maintained and the selection of the correct floorcovering are all equally important. Our objective is to support the customer, whether it is the architect, the specifier, the contractor or the end user, by providing all the relevant information necessary to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from our products in use.

Polyflor always recommends the use of reputable flooring contractors, whose experience will prove invaluable at all stages of a project.

Selecting a flooring contractor solely on price can lead to a poor installation and a dissatisfied end user. A successful installation not only depends on the skills of the floor layer but also on the planning of the project prior to installation. Consultation between all parties concerned will eliminate problems and will ensure a successful installation, which meets the design requirements within the allotted time scale.