Polyflor EC

Polyflor EC has been engineered to meet the latest international standards for ESD protection floorcoverings.

Available in a black marbleized decoration, Polyflor EC is available in sheet format or as a 608 x 608mm tile: the preferred size for use on access flooring.

The Polyflor ESD range has been specifically engineered to combat electrostatic discharge at source by facilitating a uniform flow of static electricity directly to ground point.

Recommended applications include electronics manufacturing-wafer fabrication, product assembly, inspection and storage, laboratories, clean rooms and defence establishments. 

Also recommended for healthcare facilities where gases and/or electronic equipment are used during medical procedures - operating theatres, anaesthetizing areas, intensive-care units and radiology departments.


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Black Grey 8990
Black Grey 8990

Polyflor EC Features & Specifications

  • Suitable for use within all heavy commercial environments
  • Electrostatic conductive properties
  • ASTM F1700
  • EN 660-2 Abrasion Group M
  • EN ISO 10581 Type II
  • Use Area Classification 34, 43
  • 10 year commercial product warranty
  • Polyflor products have the potential to contribute to LEED® credits
  • Environmental Product Declaration certificate (EPD)
  • 100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled material
  • BRE Global Environmental Generic A+ rating (Certificate No ENP472) in major use areas such as healthcare & education*

* Visit www.greenbooklive.com for more information.

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  Polyflor EC Shade Card

  Polyflor EC Product Brochure


Technical Data Sheets 

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  Chemical Resistance Chart

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  Polyflor Canada Adhesive List

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  EPD Certificate