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Polysafe Slip Resistant Flooring

Polysafe Slip Resistant Flooring Collection

Ideal for use in areas where spillages can occur, making slip resistance an important consideration.

With every Polysafe range meeting the 50,000 cycles test requirements to EN 13845, this ensures sustainable wet slip resistance is achieved for the guaranteed life of the product. Increasing the friction between foot and floor in wet conditions,

Typical areas include circulation areas and corridors, dining areas and cafes, classrooms, hospital wards, clinics, laundry and sluice rooms. nursing homes, restrooms, bar serveries and institutional applications.

For continually wet areas, please refer to our Polysafe Hydro, Hydro Evolve or Quattro ranges.

For commercial kitchens please refer to our Polysafe Apex range.


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Polysafe Verona PUR
Polysafe Verona PUR Pure Colours
Polysafe Standard PUR
Polysafe Vogue PUR
Polysafe QuickLay PUR
Polysafe Mosaic PUR
Polysafe Stone FX PUR
Polysafe Wood FX PUR