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Polysafe Verona PUR

Polysafe Verona PUR is a carborundum-free safety vinyl range combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability for years of performance.

Forward thinking design with safety as standard is at the heart of the new Verona development, uniting the worlds of function and design and strengthening Polyflor’s position as the true market leader. With colours taking a lead from the origins of the scientifically generated Natural Colour System (NCS), Verona presents a wide spectrum of unique colours that have never been seen before.

The combination of subtle pastel shades and bolder, deeper hues with a specially engineered emboss and a sophisticated matt surface finish ensures a fresh new range with a distinctive style that demands interest. This keeps Polyflor firmly in place as the main player within this segment of the market.

Verona’s sustainable slip resistance is achieved through the use of coloured quartz particles impregnated into the vinyl that are harmonised with the base shade to ensure a sustainable 36+ on the Pendulum Wet Test. Once viewed at floor level, these aggregates are virtually hidden, giving the floor the look of smooth vinyl flooring but with all the performance characteristics typically associated with Polysafe. The product is carborundum-free, containing no dark aggregates that are found within traditional safety flooring.

The launch of Polysafe Verona PUR lays the strongest foundation yet in signposting the future of the decorative safety flooring market. As product designs and colours evolve to meet contemporary demands, it becomes increasingly important for Polyflor to offer a suite of safety flooring products with virtually invisible slip resistance at the top end of product positioning.



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Cookie Cream 5201
Biscotti 5212
Marshmallow 5214
Caramel Latte 5213
Chocolate Chip 5215
Cafe Noir 5204
Rainstorm 5202
Dolphin Grey 5203
Skyline 5205
Blue Lagoon 5206
Horizon Blue 5208
Nightfall 5207
Freshmint 5209
Oregano 5210
Seagrass 5211
Soft Peach 5216
Summer Coulis 5217
Butterscotch 5218

Polysafe Verona PUR Features & Specifications

  • Sustainable wet slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product.
  • Suitable for use within all heavy commercial environments
  • ASTM F1303
  • CAN/ULC - S102.2
  • EN 649 Group T
  • Use Area Classification 23, 34, 43
  • EN 13845 50,000 cycles 
  • RRL Pendulum Test ≥36 (wet test - 4S Rubber/Slider 96)
  • R10 slip resistance
  • ASTM D2047 > 0.5 (Polyflor products perform greater than the 0.5 minimum test standard. For actual laboratory results please contact Polyflor)
  • Lifetime polish free to reduce maintenance costs (PUR)
  • 10 year commercial product warranty
  • ISO 14001 certification since 2000
  • Indoor Air Comfort GOLD Eurofins certified product for falling far below globally established VOC levels
  • FloorScore Certified
  • Polyflor products have the potential to contribute to LEED® credits
  • Environmental Product Declaration certificate (EPD)
  • Phthalate-free plasticiser
  • 100% recyclable and contains recycled material
  • BRE Global Environmental Generic A+ rating in major use areas such as healthcare & education*

* Visit www.greenbooklive.com for more information.

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