Retail Stores

Ideal Flooring Solutions for Retail Environments 

Retail is all about focusing on the store and its products. The branding, merchandising, and interior design are all based on the values the business stands for and the offer that it provides. The floor installation reinforces the brand by either supporting the overall concept or by becoming an important branding and design statement. Company logos, unique compositions, and distinctive zones can all be created and managed through expert design and production at Polyflor. 

High design and high performance are fundamental to all our core ranges. Polyflor can supply beautifully designed, high performance flooring throughout - let us help you specify the best. With many major brands all over the world using Polyflor for their retail store interiors, we invite you to come shopping with us!

For more information on Polyflor products in the Retail market, download our Retail Lookbook


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